About me

Hello, I'm Jonathan Coates, aka SquidDev. I'm a software engineer and part-time cephalopod, messing around with various programming projects in my free time. I have a love of compilers and programming language theory, though mostly spend my time working on ComputerCraft and reinventing the wheel.


Here are some blog articles I have written:


While all my projects may be found on GitHub, here's a small sample of my favourite ones.

CC: Tweaked

A fork of the popular mod ComputerCraft, CC: Tweaked adds programmable computers to Minecraft. This fork largely focuses on improving the usability and reliability of the original mod, rather than adding brand new features.

I also help maintain all sorts of projects related to ComputerCraft, such as the CCEmuX emulator, popular add-on mod Plethora, and cloud-catcher, a remote interface for computers.


Amulet takes the beauty and power of existing functional languages like ML and Haskell, strips them down to their bare essentials and builds up a new, elegant language.


Urn is a new language developed by SquidDev, and plt_amy. Urn is a Lisp dialect with a focus on minimalism which compiles to Lua.


Cobalt is a Java implementation of the Lua 5.1 virtual machine. Based on LuaJ, it fixes numerous bugs, improves performance, and provides much closer emulation of the original Lua implementation.


If you've got a question about a specific project, please do file an issue on the project's repo. For other things, you can reach me the following ways:

I'm also present on social media, if you want to follow me there: